Structuring essays aren’t easy, especially when you find yourself stuck at a writer’s block. You can structure your essay to answer the question through a few easy steps. All it takes is to understand the golden rules that we’ve mastered through endless cross-outs, rewrites, and hours of rewording.

Here are 5 golden rules of structuring your essay.

Put Your Work into Action

The first thing you must do is to break down on the important facts and sections of the essay. Do you agree with the status of the topic? What is its importance? How important is it to you? Discuss how you want to response to the quotation and find the answer to these sorts of questions to help you provide a strong structure for your essay.

Plan Your Details

Once you have worked out the questions you are trying to answer, the next step is to write out a plan with details of the material in each paragraph. Your plan should discuss the material in the paragraphs to answer the question in discussion. Writing out the plan will add to the ideas and test out whether your point is relevant to the subject. For example, if you were writing an essay on spaceflight services then you’ll need to answer questions like what are they? What special training do you need? Are there physical limitations you need to be aware of? And so on…

Work on the Beginning and Endings

Ensure to provide all the possible remarks needed to answer the question. This will ensure that you are explicit in your material, starting from the begging to the end. Treat your reader as if you were explaining your subject to a child. Narrate what you are doing to discuss, tell them how it will answer the question, and provide an explanation.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to ensure that you answer the question is to write the essay plan instead of pieces. Choose a few questions for practice and write out the hypothesis, rough plan of each paragraph, along with the first and last sentence of the essay.


Follow these rules and you will see the difference in your results and the precision of the essay. Be sure to focus intently on how you answer the question as they will set you up with an essay that’s illuminating and rewarding.

5 Golden Rules of Structuring Your Essay

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