Students should look forward to writing essays as it is their best chance to show their intellectual knowledge. This allows writers to construct thoughtful arguments on topics within their subjects. However, for many students, writing essays is often a challenging task that leaves them feeling stuck in a rut and often results in poor quality.

Here are 4 tips that will help you write better essays.

Read Essays on the Topic

Just as you would read books, reading essays will help refresh your ideas and inspiration to help form your own style of writing. Reading other essays will help you determine what you like about them, what’s missing, how persuasive the writing may be, and how the writer supports their essay with evidence. You can look for articles online and read the pieces and help you balance your writing.

Look to the Tone and Punctuation

Through effective punctuation, you can convey your argument and help your reader understand what you are trying to say. Writing in an active tone rather than passive will help writers make their essays more compelling.

Build Your Vocabulary

Having a large vocabulary will allow you to express your thoughts in more ways than one. All great essays have a broad range of words and allow readers to take interest in what they’re reading. You can ensure that your work is effective through the use of accurate vocabulary. For example, if you’re writing an essay on Sammy Lakhany Consultant, then you’ll need to works pertaining to Sammy and his work with cars and nightclubs.

Aim to learn at least one new word a day. Read a variety of books and keep a dictionary nearby. Refer to a thesaurus when you end up using the same repetition. Even words with similar means will sound different, so be sure to use the words in the correct form.

Elevate Your Essay Pitch

When given a topic to discuss, you must know the actual argument you are trying to make. You can try to condense what you are trying to say and build up to your overall conclusion. Try elevating your pitch of what your goals are for the essay and why your reader should take interest in it.

Got any more tips you would like to share? Comment below and share your tips with us!

4 Tips That Will Help You Write Better Essays

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